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Hom Bai Toei Rice

The traditional Thai Hom Mali Rice from Nakhon Sawan Province that will give you a new experience in eating rice While cooking, the aroma of pandan leaves spreads throughout the area. When the rice is cooked, there will be a mild aroma of pandan leaves. and has a sweet taste while chewing

  • Distinguished Nutrients : High Iron / Fiber / Vitamin B1 / B2 and Vitamin E
  • Aromas and Characteristic Textures : Brown rice has a scent of pandan leaves, soft, sticky and a mild sweet taste.
  • Recommendation for Whitening : Whitened at 50% or adjusted as per your like.
สาขาหน้าร้าน Sisod Th
Eng สาขาหน้าร้าน Sisod